How to remove a mod from a project?

There are a few mods that were added to my project when I was experimenting. Now I would like to remove those no longer needed to de-clutter the project. However, I can’t find a way to remove mod from a project. I checked the guide and community forum.



Hi Kai and welcome! You can remove a mod by clicking the “Delete” button on the mod page itself. To get to the mod’s page from the dashboard, either click a mod to open the overlay and then click the mod’s title, or click on the mod’s id from the dashboard (the abcdef in the bottom right corner of each mod card).

We’ll look into making this clearer!

Thanks, tyler!

It may be more intuitive if the ‘delete’ button is on the mod page when it is opened inside a project, along with other button for ‘change width’ and ‘dummy text’. This is where I looked first.


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Great suggestion – thanks!