the mod.-editor suggests I may either use Handlebars or Javascript
but the HTML content is not written in handlebar-mode, but in PLAIN HTML

I guess I forgot how to integrate Fieldnames into the HTML if I do not use handlebars.
At the same time, I am a bit afraid to switch from PlainHTML to handlebars-Mode within the HTML section, because I might stumble into unexpected issues if I do so.

What do you suggest? Tyler is added to the admin team


PS: I did consult the Documentation before I created this ticket.

I think the “Add a new Field” Tab inside of the Mod-Editor should not suggest to drop handlebars into the HTML IF the HTML is in PLAIN-Mode.

The headline variable needs to be available to Vue – see line 5 of the updated JS:

data() {
  return {
    headline: mod.data.headline,

This was very helpful!!

I will never have to ask again ; ) Hopefully :wink: