Form-Response via Email = Ability to configure subject line

currently each email I receive has a Subject-line --> equal to the NAME of the Poject

I would massively like to create an email-subject-line of my own

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Thank you for the suggestion! What do you think would be the best way to do this for your workflow? Where would it make the most sense to “set” what the email title will be?

As The Form Environment needs further fields and functions, it might be a good idea to create a section of its own, to admin all the stuff related to the FORMS-section. But basically I dont care too much. To me it is more important to actually have the option to define a subject line, than where that field will be located inside your interface.

But I guess with regard to Emails and Forms there might be more to come, so perhaps a section of its own to config Forms on project level would be nice. While writing this … if the admin has several forms, ,… hmmm. it is not my tast to think about all this

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