Form not sending me responses

Regretfully, I did not receive any email after test using the FORM. What is there to do?

I can see the responses on the dashboard but I do not receive any notification, nor does the user receive any email to confirm the message was received successfully

Hi Stefan, I’m also on the project so I saw 3 emails come through for the form :smiley:. It looks like you are also on those emails, so maybe check to see if they went into spam?

Hey Tyler, I created another email and wrote the issue-description right into the body of the email. Again I did not receive any email.

Hi Stefan, I also received this email, and you are copied on it as well. It is being sent from notify@anymod.comand delivered to your gmail account.

I also just checked our email sender analytics, and it shows the email as delivered to your inbox, so it may be going to spam – please let me know if it is!

Hi Tyler, thank you for your investigation. I searched for potential reasons up and down, and from left to right, but I still cannot find any of those messages. Could you please confirm once again You can see I should have received a copy for the message I will send just now via the contact form? I will call that message “Final Test Stefano”

Yes I received it as well, and you are copied on it. I forwarded it to you for reference.

thank you. Sorry to have stolen your time on this ; ) I will have to investigate deeper - so strange …

the issue is solved!

my german GMAIL-Accouhnt had TWO spam Folders , one was called “advertisement” and was displayed, the second was called “Spam” and was hidden behind a dropdown menu. I just found all messages. Just the way it had to be.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check into the reason it was going into the spam folder and see what we can do about it!

okay, and thank you for your support as well! It was simple, of cause, to tell gmail to no longer regard anymod-messages as spam. Thus, this issue should not occur again on my gmail account