Form Email not forwarded to all recipients

I filled in the Form on this page

and while the email is indeed successfully forwarded to
and to
IT IS NOT FORWARDED to the third member with the emailadress of:

this is the project

and this is the current team

Hello, it looks like the email address had not been verified, which is required to avoid spam sending. We set it to verified now, so it should receive deliveries.

Thank you very much!

And I am very sorry for the hassle this caused.

I will make sure my client knows They ignored the confirmation email themselves :wink:

I had the following additional thought this morning:

After any new teammember is added to the project, the admin (or even all members) might receive an email: Not only to confirm the member is successfully invited, but also to let the dadmin know the new member will receive an email in need of confirmation’.
Also, IF the new teammember misses to confirm within three work-days, the system might forward another email to let everybody know the new team-member is still pending.

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Great feedback as usual – thanks Stefan!