File Size Optimization


My client uploaded this background-Image

It was not automatically resized to its optimized and minimized filesize.

I would have expected anymod to automatically take care of the file-Size.

The size of ths image seems to be at 3.7 MB


It is difficult to say what should be an “optimal” size for a background image like this. In some cases it might make sense to have it really high-resolution, and in some cases not.

If you do want it to be resized to a particular size, you can use the buildImage method in the HTML or JS:

Happy to help if you have questions!


I had no intention to change the actual File-Size of the image. I just felt that 3.9 MB weigth is clearly too high. My question was rather if I can rely on anymod to manage the filesize-weigth automatically, or IF --> I need to rather tell my client to better look for the file-weight of their images for themselves before they upload their images to anymod-content-management-system. Up until now I told them the anymod System will take care of the compression of any image they upload. Depending on the device the image will be displayed on, anymod would manage to deliver an appropriatly compressed Image. Is this true? Or will I need to tell my client anymod cannot compress files? Did I just remember this wrong? What is the situation like? I thought anymod would in fact compress the images before they will be delivered. So why is my Image in the hero nevertheless on 3.4 MB? I had to compress it manually today, as my client is waiting and the page needs to go live soon. The question still remains ; )