Expected Warning in Console is missing

Hi Tyler,

I created a new project today on : http://stefanoliver.de/NeueWebsite/index.html

The initial page-load did not load and The console came up with an error-message, as documented below.

I had already added my Domainname to the anymod-project at that time.

I took another look and found out the domainname was not stored within the anymod-interface. So I added the domainname to the project once again. Afterwards The page did not have any errors anymore.

ISSUE #1: I feel anymod already had an error-Warning message for the console, to inform the developer in case the potential reason for the missing page was (= “This domain is not allowed for this anymod-project”) https://i.snag.gy/O34zfs.jpg I this console.log warning no longer available, or was I wrong and such a warning never existed in the first place? Not sure ; )

ISSUE #2: The domain-name was not stored after I entered it into this interface . This is the screenshot: https://i.snag.gy/z5wLDo.jpg and this is the URL: https://anymod.com/projects/84E627/settings

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Thank you for reporting Stefan. We will check into both issues. Yes there should be a console message about that, you aren’t going crazy :wink:

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Thank you. And sorry for my htaccess-password-protection. I missed to mention: the username and password are both: “stefan”. But I guess you do not need to revisit the page anyway, as the issue no longer exists. Since I added the nessesary domainname, the warning in the console will no longer come up on this page anyway. I decided to erase the domainname in the anymod-admin-panel, just for you to have a test-environment to work with.

We would expect a message printed to the console to let the user know the Domain is not listed on that anymod-project


As far as I can see: the expected message in the console is still missing

We will look into this, thank you for letting us know

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