Email contact messages

Hi! Is it possible to send my contact form responses to an email automatically?

Yes, they should do that by default. Is it not working for you?

I was under the impression they only send a message to your responses…

Because there isn’t really a place to configure which emails the form should send to

unless I’m just being dumb. Let me double check

Your account may be different as we added the email feature after you joined. But I believe it should automatically send a form response to your email address. Let me know if it doesn’t and I can look into it :+1:

Ok, it’s working now. I don’t know what was wrong. Is there a way for me to configure which emails the form sends to? My client would like the form to send to his email.

I guess worst comes to worst I could make a gmail automation, but this seems like something Anymod would support

Yes, you can add your client to your team in the dashboard and they will also receive the form responses

Awesome! That’s free for my older account type, correct?

Yes it looks like you have up to 5 team members included

Thanks, that’s all. (Your customer service is top-notch btw)

Thanks :smiley:Happy to assist!