Draft Improvement suggestion = Look into draft-mod directly


My Content-editing-team uses ONLY ONE DRAFT-URL to change ALL Domain-pages. This does NOT help me ( as the website admin ) to see which html-pages actually got changed. Anymor currently always ONLY REFER to the startpage of my multi-page-portal. I do not know where the content on my domain was changed, nor WHAT was changed on my portal.

Suggestion for a new method to check drafts (and identify the changes) before the admin pushes those changes live :
Currently the drafted mod is named inside the anymod-interface and has a LINK assigned to it. BUT when I click on it , then the drafted mod itself will not open. Instead the admin will always end up on the startpage of its website instead. This seems to be the wrong page and it provides no hint as to what might have been changed at all. Neither do I know on which html-page the change was performed nor what got changed on that page.

https://i.snag.gy/Wy7plc.jpg this is the issue I currently face

I would LOVE the following workaround:
I would like a DIRECT-LINK towards the DRAFTED-MOD itself. That way I could easily look into the relevant draft and search for the changes my Content-team had applied to that (or those) mod(s). This would help me to focus on those parts of my domain the content team truely touched. I guess I will be able to spot the changes there myself with more success and with less time spent .

Request in just one Sentence: Look into draft-mod directly



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I can currently NOT see ANY changes the content-team has applied. The two vesions LOOK 100 per cent identical, but still the DRAFT-Overview claims the two versions are different. NOW IF: I do NOT apply the change, then I would have to dismiss that specific change for that mod, but such a dismissal for single mods is CURRENTLY NOT POSSIBLE WITH ANYMOD AS FAR AS I CAN SEE. But If (on the other hand) instead accept the change to that mod, then I will have NO CLUE what was actually changed by the content-Team , which is a pretty bad feeling.


Hi Stefan, this is a great suggestion! Thanks for letting us know.

Sounds like the best workflow for you would be to see exactly what was changed and be able to link to that directly from the dashboard. So you as an admin would have a separate “linking” experience than your content editors. This should be doable on our end and it’s a great idea, so I’ve added it to our near-term roadmap.

As I recall you’ve just started using the drafts feature, and we are still working out all of the kinks, so please let us know if you have any more suggestions as you go.


The way you sum up my intention “hits the nail on the head” :wink: Yes: That sounds very promising to me !


Just one Additional thought : I would love to discard specific Mods. Let us pretend one draft-url has changes within 8 mods. I want to allow (publish) 7 draft-mods but discard 1 draft-mod. How would I go about? I cannot yet see any option to discard specific mod-draft-changes … I mean while I can publish ‘draft-mod-content’ separately (per mod), those mod I intend to NOT publish would probably remain inside the list of draft-changes (waiting to be published) forever, am I right? I might be mistaken though. Not sure .


This is great too, thanks! So instead of just “opt-in” where you would have to publish mods one by one; you’d like to also have an “opt-out” workflow where you can uncheck one or two mods and then publish the rest. Let me know if that’s not correct, otherwise we’ll add that to the roadmap as well!


yes, basically I would like to have both options : publish or discard , for each mod. Of cause I would love to use that awesome button to publish all changes all at once (already existing :wink: In fact you are probably right. It might be enough to only have the opt-out option, and otherwise use the “pubish all” button. As far as I can see at the moment. Maybe I might love an additional option "publish later (not now) , so that I can publish some mods and either fully reject the other changes OR merely not publish them yet