Disfunctional Scrollspy Template Mod

Hi Stefan, thanks for reporting. Can you clarify what you mean by “smoothscroll”? The scrolling behavior is not affected on any of our test devices. Are you using a mouse scroll wheel by chance?

No menu on mobile is intentional, since multiple headers don’t fit very well. You can change this behavior by deleting the final media query in the CSS if you prefer to show the header anyway.

the animated gif inside of the mondule Monday Mail suggests the menu might scroll smoothly towards the Ancor.

That “Smoothness-Effect” does not happen in my browser , it jusst jumps instantly .

I will not investigate deeper into this . This was just a quick notice to let you know. I am not using the mod.

You may just drop this ticket , especially if you guess this issue might merely relate to my browser/Operationg-system for unknown reasons.

If somebody else also reports the same problem in the future ,
you might repoen this ticket

PS: I was not using the scroll wheel. I merely clicked the NAV-Elelemnts , that made the text jump instantly