Deleting team members was not successful

I deleted all team members from my project
but they still show in the top left corner of each Mod !!??

Are they still assigned to the project although I deleted them?

three weeks after I deleted a member from the team , that member still shows up inside of my mod.

on the below screnshot TWO members are shown as logged in :
me (tiny photo )
and the other user ( circle with red background and with a ‘K’-Letter inside )

that other user was deleted from the team some weeks ago.

can you confirm the issue?

I did delete all chache and relogged in several times already

Hi Stefan, if they made changes to the mod, then they are listed as editors there. Please let us know if you would like us to remove them from the list and we can do so.

Ah! I am not sure if that is intuitively correctly understood by everybody.
But for me, now that I know about it, no adjustment is needed. Thank you for the insight!