Custom background color in mod editor


It would be handy to be able to specify a custom background color for the preview section of the editor.

I’m building a mod to display text and on the website the text is white on a dark background. In the editor preview the text is white but with the default white background, so I can’t see it :grinning:

If I could assign a custom background color to the editor preview, sometimes similar to the final color used on the site, it would be much easier to make edits to the mod.

Even a light/dark switch for the background would be good.


Ooh this is a great suggestion, and should be straightforward to implement. We’ll add to our near-term roadmap for sure.

Thanks Dan!


Actually if I could get your feedback. Would it be best to persist the background color with the mod itself, or just to have it as part of the url params instead? I’m wondering if it might be confusing if you’ve set the background color to red for example, but then it’s not showing up as red on your site. What do you think?


I’d prefer it as an editor-only setting. A light/dark toggle switch somewhere in the UI. Maybe at the top near the Save button, or on the bar separating the text editors and the preview, on the opposite side to the dimension display.

I understand what you’re saying about it possibly being confusing that it doesn’t persist to the live instance but isn’t it already that case?

The mod background isn’t explicitly ‘white’ - it’s nothing, or default, which happens to be white.

If I made a text display mod with black text on the default white background and put it on a site with a purple background it would show black text on purple, not white.