Couple of questions

Hey Tyler, long time! I see you’ve made lots of changes to Anymod. It looks awesome! It was your ‘open source mods’ email that brought me back. Very intrigued by your new approach.

I have a couple of quick questions. [1] If I have one mod loading some external data what’s the preferred method for other mods to also use this data? [2] Is it safe to use the global Anyod object for this? For instance, assign my data as a property of Amymod, like Amymod.myData = {...} then access this data in other mods?

Welcome back :grin:

To communicate between mods, Anymod has an event system:

So you could either emit the data and have other mods listen for it, or you could add the data to a global variable as you described, then emit an event telling other mods to check that variable

Perfect, thanks for that :+1: