Content Creator INVITATION failed

#1 received an email after I filled in that mailadress. But I received nothing, so I did not perfectly well knew what to expect.
Mark.Hoppe (the recipient of the email invitation) did click on a link in the email, but was let to some json file (he reported). We tried again together while we were on the phone. That time he managed to open a html page, but he was not sure what he was supposed to do there.
I expected he would find an opportunity there to assign himself with a passoword, so that he may in the future be able to log into his skysails account as a "content creator. But reportedly no such thing happened.

We were both confused and left the plattform. We decided that I will write a support ticket to you and ask you.

Is ist correct that Mark.hoppe should create a unique password and afterwards be able to login using his email plus that password?

What are we to expect after we receive the anymod Email?
PS: I never invided myself, so I do not know what that form looks like. And I do not know what the process is supposed to be like.

PPS: I also did the same with another project. That Customer was a bit special (79 years old and sort of grumpy) so I thought It was his fault he did not manage to create his account) . But this time, with Mark.Hoppe, it should work out in the end, hopefully ; )

Best Stefan
No Day without a ticket :wink:


Hi Stefan, thanks for detailing your workflow so that we can address it.

I think the main problems here were that the invitation link expired, and then there is no onboarding flow for content editors (they are simply shown the dashboard with no context). We are planning to do a few things to make this flow better:

  1. Make the invitation links last longer (currently 1 day)
  2. Have a password option (currently only email links)
  3. Add an onboarding flow for content editors so they understand how to use the tool

We’ll go ahead and fix #1, and #2 is on our near-term roadmap. We’ll add #3 once we’ve re-worked some of the user interface.



Okay, I am not sure if I understood you correctly :slight_smile:

so Inside the current Email the user should be able to find a URL that will serve as a LOGIN ?

And that URL would allow the user to Change the content directly and live?

is that correct?


Currently the invitation email will log the user into the Anymod dashboard. From there they can view the project. It does not send them to their own website, but once they are logged into Anymod they can visit their own website to make edits.

We are developing an updated user interface for content editors to make this easier to understand. Right now they see most of what a developer sees, which as you have found can be confusing.


that user would need to store that email in order to be able to relogin to the dashboard once again at a later time. So I feel the current solution has its issues, also securitywise.

I would prefer a link to the website.project where the user may choose which kind of login he wants:
Content editor name A
Content editor name B

But again, I certainly have not thought long (enough) about this.

Thanks for updating the interface!



my customer has now received the right to edit the content as an admin. Still he told me he still does the following earch time he intends to edit something. In order to be able to edit he is taking the following steps, he told me on the phone yesterday:

1: he is searching for the invitation email he received from anymod some 6 weeks ago
2: he clicks onto the link inside of that email
3: he is forced to provide his email inside the anymod interface again
4: he is waiting for a confirmation email to drop in
5: he confirms his emailadress each time anew
6: he logs into anymod
7: he closes the anymod site and he reloads the webpage in order to finally begin editing

This is what he does each time again and again. Is he doing sth wrong? Should I advise him to do this differently? Or is this mandatory and wanted ? Is this the desired behavoiur any admin-editor is supposed to take?

This ticket is now open since 28 of march.

My customer is not worried or upset. He thinks this is “doable”. But I feel it is rather not .

Any Feedbak is apprechiated


This is indeed the flow if he is logging out each time (or if a long time elapses between logins).

However we are re-doing the sign-in flow so that you don’t have to get a new email each time. We want the flow to be:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Directed to a sign in page (if not signed in) where can sign in with password
  3. Directed to own website

I assume this will be a flow that helps, but please let us know if you have any feedback about it!