Collaboration ISSUE = High amount of MODS


Hey Tyler,

first of all, I hope you have a nice weekend :wink:

inside of the below discussion you will see me and another anymod-user discussing about an issue we worked upon together:

You can see the two participants have created 6 MODs all together. All of them for just one Issue.

Both sides have cloned the other persons latest-MOD-version again and again (after it was improoved by the other party).

This is the way the development on this MOD evolved. We did so in order to be able to add code to the others MOD with ease.

Is this the workflow AnyMod had in mind when creating the new collaboration-Method for MODs within AnyMod?

Additionally I would like to mention, I was cloning the mod into my ‘protected project’, as I intended to finannly use it in there. But once I finished my work on that collaboration-mod, I forwarded the Mod-URL to my collaboration partner, but he remained unable to look at it, because that URL was from within a protected project. We could not collaborate with my latest mod-version .

Thus I created a whole new project! of its own, just to clone yet another version of that very same mod into that new ‘collaboration-project-folder’ for my ‘collaboration-partner’. Only afterwards was I able to share my latest MOD-Version with my collaboration-partner. That was a lot of hassle, and it will still remain complicated in the future, as more and more MOD will be added if we keep evolving that Mod.

It is not very nice to have 6 identical mods cluttered in two projects , only because I want to collaborate on that one issue.

Me and the second collaborator are not yet finished with the process . So even more mods might be added to be to the stack.

I consulted the anymod-Help-Guide before I decided to contact you about it.

Inside the anymod-help-guide I searched for the term “Collaboration”. I found no help as to how I should collaborate with others on mod we work on together.
So I created this ticket.

Any best-practice-advide is highly welcome ! ! !

Have a beautilful weekend!