Cloudinary image upload widget

My goal is to create a
download center on my website. It shall be a
Media Lounge to preset a presskit with pdf video and image-Files. They are offered for download. A upload button shall allow just everybody on that htaccess protected page to upload further material to the center.

This in my testpage

This is the Template MOD called “Cloudinary image upload widget” from the anymod libary. I dropped it into the above mentioned testpage unchanged.

I registered an Account with cloudinary and adjusted the cloudName accordingly. But as that did not succeed, I skipped that adjustment and went back to
cloudName: 'anymod-demo',

My experience with the
Cloudinary image upload widget
was as follows:

I started to wonder if the Mod only offers an UPLOADER but does not offer any Method to actually Display the uploaded Images/videos??!

Might the user actually need a new cloudinary Account for the webpage to actually be able to in fact use this MOD?

I feel a bit lost. The readme-section of this mod is completely empty.

I expected to be able to see the uploaded Images after I uploaded them.

Uploading seems to work. But I cannot see any uploaded result at all.

I tried to inform myself on cloudinary , but that plattform is another universe of itself.

Could you provide some help by letting me know what I may expect from this Template MOD ? What I should not expect?

Hi Stefan,
The cloudinary upload mod is for uploading images to cloudinary (as you have found). If you wanted to display all of your uploaded images, you could use the media library feature on cloudinary:

We have also added a readme on how to set up the image uploads:

It sounds like you would also want a mod that does the media library so that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Is that correct?

Yes, basically, that is totally correct. It would be faboulous - totally fabulous - to have such a “Media Libary” with Cloudinary.

Spontaneously, two clients of mine come to mind. Both of them desire to have (and make use of) such a media libary.
A ‘Media-Libary Template-Mod’ would provide my clients with the ability to offer an Upload/ and Download Plattform on their website.

Please let me know if AnyMod intends to create such a template.
If not, I will try to establish one myself.
If yes, then I would wait for anymod to offer such a template.
I would gladly provide feedback once the template is published.

Glad for any indication:
I will take further decisions after your feedback is provided.

Hi Stefan,
We do intend to create this template. If you’ve already started, we could use your work as a starting point and list you as an author on the mod (if you’re interested).

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I did not yet start to develop such a solution.

I am very glad to hear anymod intends to create such a template.

As mentioned, I can already foresee several use-cases for such a mod for me in the future!

Several further anymod-admins might also galdly use such a template , I can imagine .

I have no deadline to obey, thus my need for this mod is not urgend .

Still very cool, I am looking forward!