Clicking on link does nothing

We are seeing that when we click on the links that sit inside an anymod, the url will change up top but the page doesn’t actually change

this seems to be the same whether we use the abbreviated …/links or complete urls.

That looks to be a setting in your Angular application. You can test this by putting a dummy link on the page like

<a href="/dummy">Dummy link</a>

and then clicking on it. It has the same behavior when I add it.

Whatever routing library you are using seems to be commandeering the normal behavior. It probably has a setting to fix this.

ok great, ill pass that along as well and see if we can get that working also

Please do reach out if you still experience issues!

I will - thanks so much, you’ve been extremely helpful :slight_smile:

Just trying to make you as productive as possible :sunglasses: