Can't find mod for llboob

I cannot find the original template mod for this one:

Could you help me find the original template mod? PS: I think it might be nice to have a reference towards the original template mod displayed somewhere inside the mod, so that the developer can jump to the original template-mod easily for reference (or if he wants to start anew)

That is a great idea for a feature, I’ve added it to our roadmap. Would be great to see where mods have been cloned from :smiley:. For this one, it was cloned from

which was cloned from is it possible to find this mod somewhere inside the template-mods list?

I did not find it. It is nice! Thank you for letting me know the source mod!

It’s in the library but not the template mods, it was under “Content”

We’ll rethink what kinds of mods are in the “templates” section :ok_hand: