Can my client mess up the images?

Hi Tyler, I just called with my client. The project will be handed over into the hands of my client during a meeting next monday. I just wondered about what might happen if my client uploads entirely new images into the photogallery via anymod and those images are unreasonably large in size. He is 65 years old and not very web-savy at all. I wonder if I shall tell him to downsize the weight of the new images to a reasonable size himself, before he will upload them with anymod into his online photogallery ? Or will anymod scale the weight of the images down automatically? Probably not, but I just wanted to make sure. I took a glimpse into your “Guide Doccs” and searched for both “filesize” and “weight” but did not find matches to those terms. I guess regarding the filesize/ weight of new images the customer will have to care for the appropriate weight himself before he uploads, am I right? .

Hi Stefan, that is great to hear! For your client’s image uploads, they will always be limited to 2400px in either height or width. We will add this information to the guide. Good catch!

okay, so I can probably conclude there is no automatic downsizing of the weight of images included in the anymod service. Which means I will have to tell my customer he shall please keep in mind to scale his images down before uploading them. Maybe you waant to add a slamm reminder in case the uploaded image is larger than, let’s say, for example larger than 0,8 mb ? modal - layer with info about the filezise beeing unconventionally large, thus slowing pageload down?

Hi Stefan, there is no automatic downsizing beyond the 2400px that I mentioned, but you can set a size yourself also using buildImage (

For example, you could limit the images to 1000px wide with

<img :src="buildImage(image, { c: 'limit', w: 1000 })" />

or to max 500x500px with

<img :src="buildImage(image, { c: 'limit', w: 500, h: 500 })" />

I was less focussed on the size-issue (pixelwise), which is important too, but I was rather thinking about image-compression . The information you provided is nevertheless very interesting for me indeed! Thank you very much Tyler! OK, understood, that means I can downsize the width and height via vue.js as specified above, but no auto-compression of the files weight is included :wink: