Can mods be nested?

I am new to Anymod and am wondering if it possible to “nest” mods within each other.

For example I am using a tabbed navigation mod. Is is possible to insert another mod e.g. a contact form within one of the tabs?

Adding the code for the contact form mod to the Content field of a tab does not seem to work (even if added as code)

Welcome! :wave:

It is not officially supported, but it does work if you call Anymod.render() in the parent mod’s JS. I believe it doesn’t show in the preview panel though, only on a live page. We’re working on official support.

If you’d like, you can share the 2 mods you’d like to join and we can have a look

Appreciate the quick response. I have tried Anymod.render() and it does indeed work!

Thank you.

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