Backup | compare Mod with past version of the same mod

Hi there,

I am aware I can use the “anymod merge-preview” to compare Mods with one another , which is fabulous.

I guess there is no option to compare my current mod-status with the status that very same mod has had some 6 month ago?

Does anymod provide version control over time?

I would like to create a backup of the following five projects:

Group = 87M4M7

Yacht = 8P74P9

Marine = 8N4594

Power = 86N4N3

SMP = 8P24PE

The reason why I would like to do so is to make sure I can revert back to the current status in case something goes wrong in the future.

I am looking for a backup-version for all mods for the above five projects. I guess there is no way for me to get there, and, also, maybe I will never need the backup at all.
Still, I wanted to ask.

Can I compare the current version of one specific mod with the code-structure the same mod has had in the past, somehow?

I guess anymod does not run any versioning software.

Can I otherwise save the current status of those projects?

Probably not, which is fine too, I just wanted to ask.

Best regards

Any update you may have would be greatly appreciated

We don’t currently keep historical versions of mods, but it is a feature we have thought about. Is it something you would be willing to pay for, or would it be more of a “nice to have” feature?

It is neither a mere “nice to have” feature, nor is it something I would want to pay for. It is something that will become especially relevant if more than just one developer is working on the AnyMod-Code-sections.

It would simply make me feel more “secure”. But I get your point. It might not be my top-proirity either.

It seems to be nessesary to fully delete a Team-User having Developer-rights. I will then have to re-establish the same user inside of the Content-Editor-Team again. This seems to be the only way to go about, if I want to change the Rights provided to those users. But that would enforce new Invitation–Emails for them to confirm…

Thus, the situation is espechially daunting for me at the moment, because so many Team-Members still have DEV-Rights. While at the same time, I remain unable to downgrade them at the moment, because the AnyMod-INVITATION-EMAIL will probably still not arrive at skysails. This is the case due to the AnyMod-Issue with regard to the invitation-Emails-System. Invitation-Emails do not work reliably at the moment , and the patch for this issue is not yet found.

IF a user already HAS a DEV-Role inside the team settings, and IF the goal is to merely move the user to Content-Editor-Status, then this process actually does not need any reconfirmation of the User at all. It might be done by simply dragging and dropping the user from one status to the other on the TEAM-page. But that is just not the way it works on the Team-Page at the moment, I am aware;)

I will wait for the Patch with regard to the Invitation-Email-Issue, and once this patch is live, I will move all members (on all 5 Projects) over to the mere Content-Editor-Status.

That will make me feel much more secure. And it will also “solve” my issue with regard to the Backup. I will not need Comparisons as much anymore.

It would of cause still be nice to know I can revert back to past versions of the same mod.

This is likely something we will eventually add, so thank you for your feedback!