Auto - page-refresh in case of CSS Changes

today I had to change this CSS Value several times. And I had to reload my Page several times to see the result in my browser and also to test the result live on my Mobile device.
The reloading is a bit of a hassle, and the time spend to reload sums up pretty quickly.

Thus: I wonder if AnyMod might be able to develop a javascript to detect those changes to mods and then change that css value programatically dynamically inside of the DOM for all “active sessions” with that page currently open. I am aware this is a bit fuzzy. But it would certainly be very very very nice to have. Do you think a pagerefresh (or even better) a css-update without page refresh would be doable?

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This is absolutely on our roadmap, thank you for asking for it so now we have even more proof that it will be useful to users!

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Yes, that would be supercool to have. Especially it would be great, if the css could get updated dynamically without a full page refresh. My usecase is the following scenario: Most of the time, I have several anymod MODs open in separate TABs in chrome, whlie the actual webpage is visible in a separate Tab. Sometimes I even have several tabs with several pages of the website open, plus android and iphone. I would love all pages to perform a life update whenever any css changes. I imagine it gets pushed towards those pages on all devices, . Currently I am not logged in on android and iphne , but if mandatory, there is no problem with doing so, of cause

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It will most likely not be possible, but if i could make a wish, the following scenario would be the setting I really wish for the most, when it comes to my workflow with anymod:

I would love to connect my anymod-projects to my Chrome Workspace.

Chrome workspaces allow the user to edit localhost-files right inside of chrome DevTools(inspector).

I expect this to be entirely impossible with anymod, as chrome workspaces is only build to match with localhost files.

But still, this is the highest priority on my wishlist.

The reason for this is the high amount of time I loose by fiddeling inside the js and css settings within a thousand different mods, only to pagereload after each change, in order to test the result on the livepage.

I am sure anymod is well aware of this. And maybe anymod can come up with a similar solution to ease this painpoint a little bit in the future ; ) I cannot think of any smart solution myself :wink: But I just wanted to share my thoughts on this nevertheless.

With the new editor interface, this is now possible. You can have many different windows open (laptop, tablet, phone, etc) and they will all automatically update the mod when you save its content or code. :computer::desktop_computer::iphone:

Currently you will need to be logged into AnyMod on each device you’re using to see the live updates, and soon we will make it so that you can click a link to “activate” the live reload instead of having to log in (for sharing with clients or multiple devices).

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I guess I will love this new feature. I will provide you with more feedback as soon as I used this feature a little bit :wink:

This is a fabulous new feature! Thank you for implementing it!

I have not used anymod as much during recent days, thus I have not gathered as much experience with this feature as I usually would, but I can already confirm, this is fabulous!

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