Assets-warning no longer printed to the console


user: sky
pass: marine

The error occurres due to the bootstrap-css beeing loaded as one of the PRIORITY Libaries. It seems to be injected too early and thus overwrites my local css properties. The very moment I erase radnlk from priority Loading, the issue will vanish. And radnlk will request namespaced.a01.bootstrap-v4.1.css (with too much priority)

I invited Tyler as a member of the project team.

Time invested into this ticket since 20th of january: 1,0 Hours . I will work some more on this until 10:00 Monday, 20. Januar 2020 (GMT-8)

Hi Stefan,
The priority assets are added first as you can imagine. However, before any asset is loaded, AnyMod checks to first see if it is on the page. So in this case, you should be able to manually add the Bootstrap CSS tag wherever it works best, and that will define the order.
As for the console warning, can you please elaborate on what you are expecting it to warn about?

I exculded all assets and expected the console to let me know about the assets to include . AnyMod used to print some info to the console about the assets to include

PS: Still working on that page currently , due to one further obstacle regarding the Priority and the smooth scroll (thus the above issue is currently non-existant on the page as I had to exclude it to have a clear environemt to test - but never mind - I will update on this as soon as I can )

The priority assets should not interfere with the local css even if they are priority assets.
So should I add this Libary into the head ? It says namespaced and I am not fully aware of the meaning of that a01 :

also I am not sure if I want bootstrap included globally , as that might cause new unwanted issues.

PS: I will be offline until tomorow (this is the end of my working-day today :wink: Have a nice start into your working day ; )

I have an assumtion I would like to utter. I may be wrong. It is just an educated guess: My impression is there might be something wrong with the Priority arrays the very moment more than three individual mods are added to the array.

The existing priority array on the below page has three mods, and all is wiorking well:

BUT If you add a fourth MOD to the array that mod Nr 4 will cause TWO issues (eventually only after you realoded the page twice)

1: The CSS in tha NAV will get overwritten
2: More suprizingly: the Javascript-Function attached to the Button inside of the hero section will cease to function ( see Mod nkmdkd for the JS Function ). This is very weired, as that function has entirely nothing to do with newly added mod Number 4 at all:

This is the MOD I added to the priority-array as the fourth MOD: , ‘mlobdb
Once it is added , the Page-css will break , also will the Javascript break.

I decided to supply you with another HTML page (entirely the same) but it has that fourth MOD in the prio-array. Please experience the issue for yourself:
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU RELOAD THIS PAGE TWICE, as the errors will only occurr after the second pagerefresh . It will occurr as soon as this mod is added to the prio-array: mlobdb. Also you need to make sure the SERVER-CACHE IS DELETED, this is very important.


Hey Tyler!

This ticket had two Issues: The first one is solved now: AnyMod does deliver the following message to the console:

“To improve page speed, add the following to this page’s HTML before the closing tag: etc etc…”

That message was not printed to the console because I still had the following (production-code) active:

console.log = function () {};

Thus that issue is closed. Sorry for this . But the other issue is still open.

I will work on it some more, and then come back with more feedback.

The above mentioned CSS issue no longer occurres and the issue with regard to the “second pageload” also no longer occurres.

I could not say why those issues vanished. But they did.

This ticket can be closed.