Are "Content Editors" EMAIL RECIPIENTs? || Who is an FORM Recipient on AnyMod?

I was always afraid the below scenario might happen some day: and Today it finally happened!

One of my clients decided it was a good idea to add this static metatag into the HTML Section of one regular MOD:

< meta content=“width=1024” name=“viewport”>

It took me almost 80 Minutes to find out why the entire page did no longer display responsively on mobile devices.

Once I finally spotted the issue, it was easy to solve the issue.

I merely had to delete that stupid metatag viewport with its 1024px static width.

Afterwards I decided to DELETE all Teammembers across all my procejts and INVITE them again as mere CONTENT EDITORS. I wanted to make sure I am the only person in control of the HTMl / CSS and JS CODE !


I would like to ask the following question:

Will CONTENT EDITORS receive EMAILS ? My question relates to the following situation: A user fills out the FORM and sends a message (via an Anymod FORM on the page))

Best Stefan

Hi Stefan, yes everyone on the project will receive email responses :+1:. We’re going to eventually make it so you can pick and choose who gets what, but for now if you are on the project, you get the email.

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Thank you! and Sorry for asking again,

I just wanted to make double sure :wink:

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