Are "Content Editors" EMAIL RECIPIENTs? || Who is an FORM Recipient on AnyMod?

I was always afraid the below scenario might happen some day: and Today it finally happened!

One of my clients decided it was a good idea to add this static metatag into the HTML Section of one regular MOD:

< meta content=“width=1024” name=“viewport”>

It took me almost 80 Minutes to find out why the entire page did no longer display responsively on mobile devices.

Once I finally spotted the issue, it was easy to solve the issue.

I merely had to delete that stupid metatag viewport with its 1024px static width.

Afterwards I decided to DELETE all Teammembers across all my procejts and INVITE them again as mere CONTENT EDITORS. I wanted to make sure I am the only person in control of the HTMl / CSS and JS CODE !


I would like to ask the following question:

Will CONTENT EDITORS receive EMAILS ? My question relates to the following situation: A user fills out the FORM and sends a message (via an Anymod FORM on the page))

Best Stefan

Hi Stefan, yes everyone on the project will receive email responses :+1:. We’re going to eventually make it so you can pick and choose who gets what, but for now if you are on the project, you get the email.

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Thank you! and Sorry for asking again,

I just wanted to make double sure :wink:

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I added three content editors On each of TWO Projects yesterday. The new Content-editors do not need to receive an email if the form is filled out.

If a Website-visitor is sending a message via our form, The three content-editors will all receive an email from anymod to let them know someone filled out the form.

I would like to manage the email-recipients. But this is not top of the list :wink: Just wanted to mention it again, just because I came across this issue again today.

Thanks for following up. This is on our roadmap but like you mentioned, it is not top of the list. We’ll get to it in time!

Just wanted to let you know I received a request from my client asking to be unsubscribed from the form-messages .

We have 5 content-editor-members in our Anymod-Project.

Website-Users “relatively frequently” forward messages via the FORM.

Thus, 5 content-editors frequently receive Emails they do not want to receive.

They have asked me to please unsubscribe them from the list.

But I cannot do so, as each Content-editor is receiving all emails.

What shall I do?

Must I tell them (for now) they may only “either be an editor” OR “unsubscribe from those form-messages”?

Or can you see a quick fix here?

This is on our medium-term roadmap, so we will get to it but have a few other things first. Right now if they are on the project, they will get the emails. Probably the easiest solution would be to have them set up a filter to delete the emails automatically. Otherwise we will have something out in the coming months.

Another potential option would be to use your own email address(es) to sign them up, and then have them log in by username & password. Then the emails will all come to you instead of them, and they could still log in and make edits.

Thank you very much for all of your replies Tyler,
I value them all a lot!

I already told the Content-editors they need to live with it. One person did not like it, and complained a bit, but I dont think it is a big issue.

Also I will today forward your suggestion , to let her know I may create a separate account on my emailadress for her, so she can log in with those credentials. That is a good workaround ; )

It may be because your username has a space in it. We’ll add a better error message

Without a space inside of the Name, the Sign in worked flawless

Thank you!

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