Anyone know how I can achieve this?

I’ve been waiting forever to try and find a perfect situation to use Anymod mods and I think this might be it…does anyone know of a specific mod or how I could make the below happen?

If you scroll down about half way, there’s a section called Notification Preview and below it there are 14 large buttons that trigger a popup image when clicked. Mine doesn’t have to look exactly the same but I would like to create this exact same thing.

For the content inside the popup, it would be great to have it just like the example which is pretty much dummy code that doesn’t function. I’m not sure exactly why, but I feel like this would be slightly better than using a pure image for each popup. For example, on the email collection popup, it’s not an image but you also cannot enter your email address.

The clickable buttons don’t have to be the same but the action does need to be in the form of a notification popup, and it would be better if the popup notification happened in the lower lefthand corner of the screen instead of the top right like the example.

Would this be some type of modal?

I don’t think the link you added works?? It only sends to the shorturl page

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haha…Not sure what happened there. I’ll repost it

thanks for saying something…

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