Anymod Webpages not loading on Win 7 with IE 8

all of my anymod-Webpages are not loading at all on

  • Windows 7 with Internet-Explorer 8
    and on
  • Windows XP with IE 7 and IE 8

I am unaware about the number of users still running on XP with IE8, but I Just wanted to report, as I stumbled upon it today

Thanks for reporting! We’ve stopped officially supporting IE8 since it is no longer supported by Microsoft and poses security risks. We’ll make sure the documentation reflect this!

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sorry, this message is posted in the wrong ticket. I realized too late. I will nevertheless keep it here.

The latest Internet-Explorer , Version 11.356
**does not display the new NAV **
on the latest Windows 10 machine.
user: sky
pass: power

I tested this result with the LATEST TEMPLATE VERSION FROM TYLER as well:

screenshot 0: < div id=“anymod-llnbla” >< /div > in
project 8P74P9

same issue but private Project screenshot1: the latest IE11 on Windows 10

same issue but private Project screenshot2:

the latest IE-Browser will not render the navbar Module .

It is not rendered for reasons I do not understand.

This issue ocurres on the latest IE Browser on Winwows 10

It also happens within the template NAV

The Anymod team may decide to skip this issue entirely, I just wanted to documentate the error as I tried to analyse and solve this issue myself today.

But I cannot.

Anymod will not render the html of this mod into the page at all (if the user is browsing with the latest IE-Browser on win 10)

see second image: THe Console is warning : Problem evaluating mod JS [kdrdkb]: TypeError: The does not support the method "remove"
user: sky
pass: power


Hi Stefan, just wanted to let you know we’re looking into this. Right now we’re prioritizing multi-language, so let us know if this is urgent.

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I also feel multi-language is more important.

Nevertheless, I am glad to hear you will be looking into this at a later point in time :wink:

It is a weired issue , It only happens in IE Browsers. It is a pity the NAV is concerned. If it was any other element, it would be even less of an issue.

The webpage cannot be browsed on the latest IE Devices, becuase it happens to be the NAV Element.

The Nav-Mod is just not rendered for unknown reasons.

Still, glad if you focus remains on Multi Language :wink:

And thank you for your feedback!

This is not urgend for me as long as my client never has the idea to test their page on the latest internet-explorer.
user: sky
pass: group

But if they do, they will most likely not be amused about the NAVIGATION pane not showing up at all.
This will cause the users to be totally unable to browser the website on the latest IE, because the portal only offers those URLs via the Navigation. We did not link to other pages within the homepage itself. The only place to keep surfing the webpage is via the navigation-menu.

So whenever my client will surf the page on the latest IE, I fear this issue might become urgend pretty quickly. If you prefer, we may wait until my client will stumble upon this error and the issue will turn urgend and relevant.

If I ready the information on correctly, then the latest IE does have a market share of 1.85% . So, less than 2% of all users will browse via the latest IE.
Maybe my client will stay calm and cool :wink: Maybe the issue never arises as they will not stumble upon it.

I still feel it would be nice to tackle that issue one day.