AnyMod Warning Messages - Websocket.JS in the Console

There are no issues on my site.

The Console prints warning messages. It happens as soon as I leave the page unattended for some time.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know.

You probably know about it anyway.

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These connections are used for the new live-reload feature. Your users won’t see them – only you will see them when logged into AnyMod.

Sometimes the browser will close an inactive connection after a while. As long as it keeps automatically reconnecting, it is working as intended. Thankyou for reporting!

Did I hear this right?

Quote: “new live-reload feature” !

That sounds very promising. I am curious to get to know more as soon as this new feature will become available!
Great :wink:

It is already live :smiley:

If you visit a mod, either in the dashboard or from your live website (while logged in) and make changes to your code or content, it will automatically update the mod on the page without needing to reload it. Let us know if that’s not happening!

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