AnyMod Server Cache

How much time does it usually take for the AnyMod server-cache to update the cached result?

I changed the Footer Element on 5 Plattforms, but the pages all still load the old Mod-Content after 12 hours. (After I changed the mod)

As it is the FOOTER element, I would have to manually delete quiet a number of pages out of the anymod-server-cache.
Especially as we run on several Domain Names

Sometimes our CDN provider returns an error for our automated caching, and we haven’t been able to resolve this yet. We are working on better auto-retry based on the ways it can miss.

I’ve manually cleared all the cache for 8P24PE.

We will also release a “clear all cache” button soon that will let you clear everything in a project instead of going page-by-page.

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Thank you very much Tyler: for deleting all pages manually for me page-by-page! And thank you for the announcement of the delete-all button. Such a button would be just fabulous to have! Best of luck tracing the core error down in the automated caching with /on the CDN-servers

Went through a delete-all-process today.
Did that manually again; it was not too hard, as the number of pages where managable this time, but the delete-all-button would still be fabulous to have :wink:

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