AnyMod-Libary-Advice is no longer written to the console


user: Sky
pass: Sails

If you look into the Sourcecode of the above URL-Adress you will find the page has NO Anymod-Libaries in Head-Section.

But for the sake of a quick pageload there should be some libaries placed into the head. Anymod used to print some advice into the console in such cases.

If you look into the Console you will find NO advice is provided as to which Libaries I should paste into the Head section .

Anymod once had a MESSAGE printed to the console containing some advice regarding the nessesary Libaries to be injected into the head section .

That Advice is no longer printed to the console.

I already posted the same message some 2 Month ago.


Hi Stefan, thanks for reporting!

This is related to the use of the priority mods. Because you have listed 2 mods as higher priority than all the others, the script will only recommend you add those assets. If it were to recommend all of the assets, that would make the priority mods load a little bit slower, which would somewhat defeat the purpose of listing them as priority.

If you still want to know what all the assets are so you can add them manually, you could try removing the priority: ['abcde','fghij'] part, then copy/paste the suggested assets, and then re-add the priority setting.

Please let me know if this makes sense or if it doesn’t work for you!


Ahwwh! I am sorry! I already knew this, as you already explained this context to me some 3 Month ago. I just happend to have forgotten - thank you for helping me out again to better understand this (once again:) Tyler! Okay, this does seem to make sense, thank you!