Anymod Admin-Website Outage


I guess you are aware of it. This is just a short notice to let you know:

The AnyMod Backend was not available this afternoon for a period of approx. 30 Minutes.

The interface looked like this:

During the same timespan other webpages where non-responsive . This was not anymod-specific. Some CDN might have been down.

Those pages where only loading half the data as well:

some point of intersection in the network might have been overstressed.

It seems this is not an anymod issue . It felt a bit suprizing to see the interface load successfully, but with no data inside, also with no error Message inside the interface to let the user know the page did not fully load.

Neither the console , nor the page itself, nor the Network-Tab reported much of an error. While the pageload took longer than usual to load itself, the page DID manage to load the anymod-backend interface partly, with success. Only did it not look as expected :wink: And there were no warnings

This happend at 16 30 o clock in Hamburg germany , Europe, today 13th of June 2019.
It lastet until 17: 22 o clock

this is just for you to know. Ticket can be closed right away :wink:

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It sounds like it was an issue with the general Internet, and we haven’t found anything in our logs, but thank you for letting us know!