Animated gif not working

I uploaded an animated GIF as the Image Placeholder for the Video-Tag. Using an animated GIF as the placeholder used to work a month ago. But today I upload an animated.GIF again, and it no longer worked. The GIF got automatically converted into a PNG File. Why does this happen? I would like to use an animated GIF . I cannot upload the GIF as it gets converted into a png. Does this happen on purpose? Why does this happen?

It is not on purpose, I will check with our image hosting provider and get back you

Hi Stefan, what file size is the gif?

30,3 mb unfortunately

I think that is the issue; our provider has added a cap for gifs at 10MB

Do you have it available as a video? Usually large gifs like that will look slow to users.

okay, I see, and I agree :wink: I will try to create one with less than 10 MB and try to upload that one again ; )

An alert would be fabulous to let the user know what is actually happening, and why ; )