Animated counter mod

Just another item to eventually add to the Anymod wishlist:

Thanks for the suggestion! We’re going to try to squeeze it into the module Monday this week :+1:

The new -mod ( Animated-Counters) is magnificent! I am super-happy to have it and greateful you decided to develop this mod. I took a look at the JS-code of the mod, but remained unable to find a good approach to trigger the conting-animation at a different moment than at pageload. In my case it would be fabulous to be able to run the animation at a later moment, as I will place the the counter at the bottom of the document, and not at the top of the document. so, I might want to catch the moment the mod will become ‘visible’ inside the browser. For the first time the mod-content will become visible, the animation shall start to run. And only for the first time : meaning only once, not each time the user scrolls over the mod-content :slight_smile: . Maybe you or your team can provide me with a ‘hint’, how to ‘trigger’ the animation , I would be more than grateful. I might then use the trigger to run the animation. I might be able to develop the approach myself, but would love a hint as to how I may trigger the animation? does vue or anymod offer some technique to determine the moment the mod becomes visible?

Hi Stefan, great suggestion! We’ve updated the mod in the library to handle scrolling as you suggested:

We also added a “0” placeholder in the HTML. Thanks!

Fabulous, it works perfectly well !!!