Alt Attribute missing for most Images

My client has asked me for this attribute as he thinks it is important SEO-wise.
Almost all images inside all Mods are missing the alt attribute.

Thus I will integrate that attribute susequently to all images inside all mods.

I will create new fields in hindsight let my client edit the text for the images afterwards.

Maybe future mods to come can have alt attributes integrated already

This is a great suggestion. We will plan to go through the mods that have images and add alt fields whenever it makes sense. Thank you for passing on your client’s feedback!

Okay, thanks for your feedback and the update of all templates regarding the ALT attribute for mods. This is great to hear. I wonder if you will have to go through all template mods manually? Will you add the new alt fields into the template mods manually? Or would that be a process you might automate? Or mostly automate? If the latter is the case, please let me know. That would mean you might be willing to also parse through all of my old mods and add the alt-attribute there as well. I am asking, because this might save me some time. If the process is a manual one on your side though, never mind, I will do it manually for my existing project myself. I just wanted to ask if you can perhaps do it with ease for my existing project : 8P24PE

Best Stefan

So, my basic question here is wether or not you can parse the new alt-fields into the existing mods for all images? Because: IF you can do so automatically, I might have a good reason to wait until the new alt-fields are available (for my project-Mods as well). But if you have to go through all mods manually, I rather cannot expect you to do so for my existing Mods, can I? In the latter case I would suggest we close this ticket and I just know I will have to go through this process manually myself. The main thing here is: I would like to know, so that I can finally face a decision!

We don’t have a good system in place for automatically updating all the live mods, so we probably won’t do it for existing mods (in case it breaks something). We still haven’t reached a final decision on that, but it seems like it might be better to err on the side of “predictability”.

If it is helpful, you can search for “cloudinary” within your projects to determine which mods have images. Because we use cloudinary as an image host, that keyword should be present in all the mods that have images. That is essentially what we plan to do for the verified mods in the library.

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Okay, thank you. I will go through all my existing Mods manually (with “clodinary” as a searchword), and add the requiered ALT Attribute Field manually everywhere.