AJAX loading responsive blog design


This webpage features some Modal-links called “mehr erfahren”.

Those elements have one headline, one Icon, some text and the Link “mehr erfahren” which will open a modal-layer.

On Desktop, there are two such elements next to each.

The system is similar to a “blog” with various articles to be promoted with some text inside of the element and the full blogarticle popping up inside of the modal-layer.

I feel this method is attractive because it might enable a bloglike-system featured by anymod. I feel some bloglike mods are missing within the current anymod collection.

Thus I would like to suggest this element to become the first Blog-like Mod in anymods collection.

I would love to see some mods offering a blogsystem via anymod:




This should be possible. We’ll take a shot at it and perhaps add it to the Module Monday :calendar:


Seconded, this will be great to have!