Add a mod inside another mod

I guess I already know the answer, …
I was asking myself if it might be possible to actually place a MOD inside of another Mod. I tested this tonight by adding the DIV id=“anymod-something” into a v-html-Field. The result was: While the HTML of the MOD got loaded inside the browser (as expected) the MOD was NOT converted. No replacement of the DIV(mod) took place. The desired replacement just did not take place. The content was not rendered as div id=“anymod-something”. /div inside the browser. So anymod did not even detect the Mod inside of the Mod.

I guess this is just not possible :
provided both mods come from the same Project, of cause.

anyway, have a good start into the week

I consulted the anymod documentation. And found out it should be possible to do so with ease. , I just need to either triger another rendering for anymod events globally once again after the additional anymod elemend got appended, or call that anymodID specifically (probably better) I will read amd test more… It Should be simple to be Calling Anymod(‘id’), from within an existing Mod. You can close this ticket. I guess I am good to go due to your documentation. If not, I will come back with a more specific question :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan, we don’t have “official” support for this yet, but it does work with mods that are in the same project. The embedded mod won’t show in the preview, but it will show on a web page. Here is the format you could use:

We have not done thorough testing on this yet though, so you may encounter issues here and there with this approach.

Hey Tyler, I played around with it a little. Let us drop this. It might not be worth further investigation. Mods inside of Mods certanly will remain an edge-case , and those mods inside of mod, might soon turn into a highway to hell anyway