A general question from a newbie

sorry if this question is ridiculous.

I get that you can embed mods into existing sites or web pages. But is there a way to use mods to create the entire site from the start? Are there templates to start a website from scratch? What’s the best way to start a website from scratch using only anymods?

Or do you have to create a blank HTML file and then embed all the mods from there?

Hi Jeffrey and welcome! That’s not a ridiculous question at all.

Right now we’re focused on individual modules (mods) rather than templates like you mentioned, but in the future we’ll probably offer some templates with pre-stocked mods. Thanks for bringing it up since it helps us figure out what people are looking for.

In the meantime, you could use an open source template from something like https://templated.co/, and if you want to make part of it “functional” (like a form), you can replace that part with a mod. Let me know if that makes sense or if you have questions – we are here to help :+1:

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Question for you. I’d like to publish a daily email newsletter and want to automate my curation workflow somehow. For example, I’d like to use something like the getpocket.com chrome extension to save articles to pocket with a tag like “newsletter” and maybe date. And then use a tool like zapier or ifttt to somehow connect or add the posts I’ve saved in pocket with a new google doc for each day and then put that in something like mailchimp.

The email newsletter is just going to be a list of links I’ve selected and I want to be able to include a few brief thoughts about the link, if I want to.

Is there any way to use anymod for any parts of this process? Or am I thinking about it incorrectly? I’ve also read that all emails should be in plain text or super clean html to improve deliverability rates. So then should I not even consider using something like anymod? I don’t know if something as powerful as anymod would have clean or simple enough code…or if anymod should be used for something like an email newsletter?

Do you know if anymod has an integration with zapier?

You can think of Anymod as code that runs on your website or web app “frontend” to interact with services like IFTTT, Zapier, or any API service. If you wanted a button on your own website to initiate a Zapier flow, Anymod would be great for that.

For something like a chrome extension saving to a google doc, that process probably doesn’t need to be on your actual website so wouldn’t need Anymod. Similarly you wouldn’t want to use it in an email since emails cant have direct functionality other than clicking through to a website.

Ultimately Anymod is about adding features to your website, so any time you need to do that, it’s a fit.

I think I get it, most of it anyway. I’m better at learning from doing so I’ll get it once I start to play with it.

As for the chrome extension saving to a google doc. Getpocket.com is an extension that can handle the saving from the web part, and getpocket.com has some type of integration to zapier which I’m assuming is there to be able to move the saved data to somewhere else.

I have never used zapier or pocket yet but it looks pretty cool. I’m going to start playing with these tools but am hoping I figure out a way to somehow use anymod because of how fast it is. I’ll check out the documentation and will hopefully figure out how it works after spending some time trying things out.

My main question was wondering if I should start with a template, so thanks for answering that for me.

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