Unexpected Content Fields

Try to change the content inside of a item[0] field and hit save to see the unexpected result!

Seems weired to me:

why do these Fields exist at all in the first place?


This is the MOD

This is the Project




Try to change the title or Link inside of e.g. item[1] and hit save to see the unexpected result within the fields marked in the screenshot above.

Hi Tyler,

thanks for your reply.

You asked for more details.

I created a video. Regretfully, the “audio-quality” happens to be very bad :

Please find the Mod I am referring to below: It is not protected.
Feel free to change it.
This Mod serves no other purpose but to demonstrate the issue:

has your Team been able to replicate the issue?

any feedback is appreciated

this is an issue I invested quiet some time into.

Therefore I would appreciate a short reply as to whether you can replicate the described behaviour.

This ticket is now 28 days old. I even created a video. Thus I wolud appreciate your feedback, even if it is just one line or two lines long.

Hi Stefan,
It does indeed look like there is a bug where the repeat field is being displayed as a single field. We will issue a fix soon. Thank you for reporting and for your video – it was extremely helpful in diagnosing the problem :+1:

When we clone that mod, the issue disappears. We will still add a fix for the mods currently affected, but do you happen to know what steps cause the bug to appear in the first place?

Regretfully I do not know what causes the error.
Also, I do not even have a distant guess :wink:
Otherwise I would utter a guess, but I cannot :wink: