Unexpected Content Fields

Try to change the content inside of a item[0] field and hit save to see the unexpected result!

Seems weired to me:

why do these Fields exist at all in the first place?


This is the MOD

This is the Project




Try to change the title or Link inside of e.g. item[1] and hit save to see the unexpected result within the fields marked in the screenshot above.

Hi Tyler,

thanks for your reply.

You asked for more details.

I created a video. Regretfully, the “audio-quality” happens to be very bad :

Please find the Mod I am referring to below: It is not protected.
Feel free to change it.
This Mod serves no other purpose but to demonstrate the issue:

has your Team been able to replicate the issue?

any feedback is appreciated

this is an issue I invested quiet some time into.

Therefore I would appreciate a short reply as to whether you can replicate the described behaviour.

This ticket is now 28 days old. I even created a video. Thus I wolud appreciate your feedback, even if it is just one line or two lines long.

Hi Stefan,
It does indeed look like there is a bug where the repeat field is being displayed as a single field. We will issue a fix soon. Thank you for reporting and for your video – it was extremely helpful in diagnosing the problem :+1:

When we clone that mod, the issue disappears. We will still add a fix for the mods currently affected, but do you happen to know what steps cause the bug to appear in the first place?

Regretfully I do not know what causes the error.
Also, I do not even have a distant guess :wink:
Otherwise I would utter a guess, but I cannot :wink:

We issued a patch that should prevent this from happening again, and we will do another one shortly that should cause any mods that already have the problem to be fixed as soon as they are saved again.

My client constantly stumbled upon this problem.
Thus I am glad to hear this issue is fixed.
This is great news!

May I ask you to please drop me another line,
once your second patch is live?

After you implemented the second patch,
I will open all relevant Mods and hit save on all of those MODs once (manually).

I will do so, in order to make sure the confusing “fields with no function” will vanish.

Amongst the affected Projects are the following:

as soon as you release the second patch , I will manually go through the above described steps. Pls update me once you released the second patch

After the second patch is live, please forward a short notice to let me know the patch is implemented.

This quote is now 19 days old, are you still working on that second patch you mentioned?

Hi Stefan,
We pushed a change today that should resolve this. In order to “fix” a mod that has had this issue, you will need to change the content in some way and then save the mod. That should cause any incorrect attributes to be removed.

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I will open all mods and go through them as advised. Fabulous news! Thank you!

PS: I worked myself through some of my projects today. The issue vanished on all occasions for all projects, after I hit SAVE on the corresponding Mods. The issue seems successfully fixed, thank you for your support.

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