Seo MOD to improove search optimization

How about a SEO Mod the user might drop into the head section to edit meta tags relevant for seo performance? Might that be doable? Of cause that would mean the content is the same on all pages which might be sub.optimal. Still… Just a thought. Probably not feasible anyway. Also not sure if mods can be dropped into the head section at all.

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This is a neat idea, would you change the SOE on the fly for different updates. I think I would use it but no 100% sure.

My Main Idea is to free myself from haveíng to think through the seo-Tags relevant inside the head-section myself. I would hope for a collection of meta-Tags relevant to add to the head all neatly connected inside just one mod. I am looking for some pre-written (and well thought out) Mod I may use to make sure I have not forgotten something important when it comes to fulfilling (at least the basic) seo-requirements. At the same time, a mod of this kind might enable the user to manage the SEO Terms and settings themselves. If the user can edit those settings hinself, that would free my time up. It would free me from working on those seo Terms on behalf of my client, just and only because the client cannot edit those seo-settings in the head himself. Thus: I would love to drop a SEO-Mod into the head section . As mentioned I am not sure if any Mod may successfully be dropped into the head section at all

Right now, the script searched through the body for mods. We could make it search through the head too, but that might hurt general performance a little bit for all mods. Another solution might be to write some JS in the mod to manipulate the head, but we would need to better understand how that would affect SEO before we recommended it to users. We’ll think about it!

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Let me know if I can assist you by any means.

I am curiously looking forward to your findings :wink: