GDPR AnyMod Form - european Data restriction



first let me mention this Module Monday really has ‘given birth’ to some very sweet new Mods! Fabulous stuff! I love them all - those new MODs really enrich the current selection! Thank you for the new Mods this monday ; )

Okay. Now:

I have three questions today. All of them are not thrilling at all:

If I Inject a AnyMod-FORM into my webpage,
and IF I intend to run that FORM in Europe, I will have to obey some GDPR Rules.

  1. ONE:
    That includes to let all visitors know just WHERE their data will get forwarded to . In this case: Or is it rather some AWS Cloud storage? I just do not know how to handle this.

It is getting even worse:

  1. TWO:
    I feel we might even have to sign some contract with to get assured is using our customers data conscientiously.

  2. THREE:
    Also I guess each form needs to have some “Input-Field” for the user to Opt-In. The user needs to mandatorily activate that field, before the user will be allowed to actually forward the data inside of the form.

As mentioned, with regard to the above mentioned issues, any support is highly welcome.


Hi Stefan,

Great questions. Some things are simplified by AnyMod’s non-storage of IP addresses, and our not using cookies to deliver mods to your users. Unless your mods explicitly use cookies to remember something (e.g. the GDPR cookie notice), they are not used or stored.

  1. Yes you can tell them AnyMod is the service responsible for storing the data.
  2. Our handling of your user’s data is laid out in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. As stated in the terms section:

Your User Content Stays Yours. Users of the Services may provide us with content, including without limitation text, photos, images, audio, video, code and any other materials (“User Content"). Your User Content stays yours. These Terms don’t give us any rights to User Content, except for the limited rights that enable us to provide, improve, promote and protect the Services as described herein.

We do not do anything with your users’ data other than store, display, update, or delete it on your behalf. We store this data using GDPR-compliant practices & services, and all form-submitted data is deleted after 24 months by default. You can adjust this period in your project’s settings.

  1. Yes, you can add a consent agreement to any form, with a checkbox and text like the following: “I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry.” Here is an example of such an agreement in a form:


Thank you! I hope I will be able to embed this into my Swing-Form-Document with ease. I will give it a try.


Hey Tyler,

can you provide us with a Data Processing Agreement?

Best Regards,


Hi Stefan,
We will need to know a little bit more about what you’ll be doing. Can you send me a direct message explaining what kinds of data you plan to collect with your mods? Note that other than form responses, mods do not collect or send any user information to AnyMod.



hi Tyler, we will collect the following data

  • a contact Form (swing up form)
  • we might collect data for a newsletter (emailadress only) in the future

Also we need that DPA Document because GDPR forces us to have it. Simply because your servers are delivering the page-content and there will be some logfiles.
I am not deeply well informed about all those regulatory Issues, but it seems we need some DPA. At least that is what my client is asking for from Anymod.

Hope this helps


Ola Tyler,

I invested some 2,75 Hours in vain.

Regretfully, I did not succeed to establish the GDPR Button into the Swing-Form-MOD .

I might waste another 3 hours with no success.

Thus I need a bit of your support here.

Even though I reverted all the code back to its original state, I found out this line does not show up if the MESSAGE is empty

{{ alert }}

What is worse: I did no manage to integrate the consent-field .

I used this TEST-MOD to testwise INTEGRATE the GDPR Button for 2,75 Hours. I did not succeed. Please help me succeed:

I failed to establish this v-model=gdpr" approach to disable the button.

this is the original anymod Template

This is your first attempt to help me.


again , please help me to integrate gpdr into this form (it is the same link as in my above post):


Hi Stefan, we updated it to include the GDPR checkbox – let us know if you have any questions!


Thank you Tyler!

I am very very grateful for your support.

The result now does as expected.

Only the alert message will not show if the user happens to click the grey-button ((without confirming the gdpr-field)). The alert message says: “Please select the GDPR box above” .

Can you see why the alert does not show up? I was able to find out the nessesary DIV element will be “rendered” successfully the moment the user clicks the button. But the {{ alert }}-text inside of the element will not be injected into the element for reasons I cannot figure out.

This is the alert message element:

div class=“red-text” v-if=“alert”> {{ alert }}

Can you see why the text will not be rendered into that element successfully?


I had to delete “Tyler” from the TEAM for this project:

This website will go LIVE tomorrow.

I am not entitled to have Tyler read the emails a visitor might forward to my client. Each Team-Member will receive each email forwarded via the Anymod-Swing-Contact-Form :wink:

Though this security-concern is not a big deal to me , I still have to obey the data regulatory Rules ; )

As soon as the list of anymod-Team-members will no longer equal the list of the Email-Recipients , I will add further team -members to the admin-Group.

Those shall not be entitled to read each mail a page-visitor might forward, but still be allowed to do admin tasks inside the mod-content .

PS: The message directly above this one here is also New.